Fairmount Elementary Cupcake Decorating

Learn how to decorate cupcakes like a pro!

About this experience

Join us in learning how to decorate cupcakes with a professional cupcake instructor! Each week your kiddo will learn how to fill icing bags, weigh out candies and fondant, pipe creations, mold shapes, and design cupcakes like a master cupcake decorator. This 6 week session will include 2-3 cupcakes every week as we walk through step by step instructions on how to create themed cupcakes. Of course there will be some room for the imaginaton as well!

Session 1 Dates:
January 20th from 3:35-4:35pm
January 27th from 3:35-4:35pm
February 3rd from 3:35-4:35pm
February 10th from 3:35-4:35pm
February 17th from 3:35-4:35pm
February 24th from 3:35-4:35pm

Session 2 Dates:
March 3rd from 3:35-4:35pm
March 10th from 3:35-4:35pm
March 17th from 3:35-4:35pm
March 31st from 3:35-4:35pm
April 7th from 3:35-4:35pm
April 14th from 3:35-4:35pm

Session 3 Dates:
April 21st from 3:35-4:35pm
April 28th from 3:35-4:35pm
May 5th from 3:35-4:35pm
May 12th from 3:35-4:35pm
May 19th from 3:35-4:35pm

Session 1 & 2 Pricing:
$120/6 Weeks
Session 3 Pricing:
$100/5 Weeks

Gluten free can be accommodated if needed. Icings, cupcakes and candies contain dairy. Candies are purchased from a facility that contains nuts.

Your Host

Host image

Chayla Turner has been teaching cupcake decorating classes with My Make Studio for over 5 years now. She has been an integral part in designing the cupcakes, hosting classes, running summer camp and just bringing joy to young decorators everywhere!