Donation Requests

We are a small woman owned business and charitable giving is at the core of our beliefs.

A little about us

As a smal woman owned business, I feel it's important to share a little about my life, my family, and why giving back is so crucial.

Before I opened My Make Studio in 2015, I was a social worker at a non profit matching at risk youth to community mentors. I met my husband in 2014 and he had 2 adopted sons who were 11 and 13. Our sons have experienced tremendous trauma. In 2016 we gave birth to a daughter and we took in our 5 year old niece. In 2019 we gave birth to another daughter. From autism, to ADHD, to LGBTQ identity, to a multiracial home, to every type of therapy on the map, to learning disorders, to adoption, to a family member with Down Sydnrome - we run the gambit of services that have helped our family out along the way. I am grateful to the schools, non profits, community programs, therapists, mentors who have helped my family grow and heal and learn in so many ways.

As a business, we would love to donate a kit to your auction or event. Just let us know what you need!