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Virtual Classes

Join our instructors to learn how to decorate like a pro!

Decorate like a pro!

Great for All Ages & Skill Levels

If DIY (do it yourself) cupcake & cake decorating isn't your thing then join our instructors virtually for step by step classes.

Contact us at to schedule a class on Zoom. If you are local to Denver, CO we can have your kit(s) available for curbside pick up. If you are not local we can ship your kit(s) right to your door! We can ship pre baked cupcakes/cakes or ship you the mix and you bake prior to class.

Ch-Ch-Ch Chayla!

Meet Chayla

Chayla was born and raised in Oklahoma. She attended culinary school where she fell in love with all things cupcake & cake decorating. Chayla joined the My Make Studio team in 2016 and now all these years later, Chayla is one of the most passionate and fun instructors you'll find. Her ability to teach all skill levels is her true super power. Chayla resides in Denver, CO with her fiance and fur babies. You'll often find Chayla in the studio designing new kits or sharing her passion with customers.

"Cupcake decorating is an art form you can eat!" - Chayla

Meet Linda

Linda founded My Make Studio in 2015 with her husband and two sons who are adopted. Since then Linda has grown her kiddo count to 4, adding 2 daughters. You'll often find Linda's kids in the studio helping out. Linda grew up watching her mom and grandma decorate wedding cakes and always felt as though cake decorating wasn't accessible to most people. Linda has a true passion for working with people and an incredible ability to meet customers at their level of expertise. You'll often find Linda working with kids on how to embrace their creativity.

"My mom always told me it wasn't polite to play with my food. I sure showed her!" - Linda

Private Classes

Looking to host a private class with our instructors? We would love to host your group. Simply contact us to coordinate your schedule with ours. Private classes cost $55 per kit and require a minimum of 5 kits to be purchased. We host private classes in our studio or can come right to you for a travel fee.

Class FAQs

What is a good age for classes?

All ages welcome! There is no charge for extra seats so parents are encouraged to join their kiddos. There is also no charge for sharing so adults or kids can share kits for the class. Cupcake kits in particular are great for sharing.

How long are classes?

Classes typically last 60-90 minutes. That being said, our instructor, Chayla, likes to move at the pace of her audience so some classes may be quicker or longer.

Can I have a private class?

We require a minimum of 5 decorators for a private virtual class. Just contact us at and we'll coordinate your schedule with our instructor's.

How does a virtual class work?

You will email to book your class time. If you are local to Denver, CO you can pick up your kit(s) curbside. If not we can ship you the kits. You can choose pre baked cupcakes/cakes so you're ready to just hop onto decorating for the class or you can select the mix and bake it yourself the day before your class.