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Kit FAQs

Where do you ship?

We ship anywhere in the United States. Unfortunately we do not ship internationally at this time.

How do I store my kit?

Everything in your kit is shelf stable for 12 months.

What if my fondant is a little hard?

Once you open fondant the air begins to harden it almost immediately. You can mix in a small amount of vegetable oil to revive your fondant as you decorate.

What if my icing is a little runny?

Icing contains oils that like to separate. Don't panic, just close your icing tube or pouch and knead it for a few minutes to mix the oils back together.

Is everything really included in a kit?

Almost everything - you need an oven to bake your cupcakes and cakes, silly! You will need vegetable oil and water to mix into your cupcake or cake mix. If doing a cupcake kit you'll need a cupcake pan. You will also need a butter knife or spatula to spread icing and in some cases you may need scissors to open packaging. Otherwise everything is included!

Can I order kits in bulk?

Absolutely! Just simply contact us at to order. We can even host a virtual class for your group if you'd like as well.

Do you ship pre baked cupcakes or cakes?

If you are going to order kits in bulk then you can select pre baked cupcakes or cakes as an upgrade.

Allergen Information

Let's discuss allergies...

Icing: Our icing comes from Wilton.

Fondant: Our fondant comes from Satin Ice.

Cupcake/Cake Mix: Our mix contains dairy & egg product. We do have a Gluten Free option for purchase.

Peanuts/Tree Nuts: Our icings and candies come from factories that contain peanuts and tree nuts.

How do I decorate?

Check out our Kit Resources Page. We have written directions as well as video tutorials for you to follow along with so you can decorate like a pro.