Bake Shop Kit Launch

Bake Shop Kit Launch

Our new Bake Shop Kits have arrived and we couldn't be more excited! All of our kits now include:

  • My Make Studio's exclusive cake mix
  • My Make Studio's exclusive icing tubes
  • 4 Icing Tips: Star, Grass, Leaf, Round
  • Candies - varied by kit
  • Silicone Spatula
  • Cupcake Pan/Cake Pan
  • Cupcake Liners/Cake Board
  • Instructional Booklet
  • Beautiful new packaging

We collected feedback from the past few years on our kits and we listened to what YOU wanted. Every kit includes all 4 icing tips so more designs are possible than ever before. The most exciting addition to our new kits is the instructional booklet. We listened to your feedback that you wanted written directions and photos right in the box and we sure did deliver! Every kit has it's own specialized booklet that we designed ourselves. Every cake mix box has written out baking directions as well. Most importantly, we want you to know that every piece of these new kits was thought out and designed by Owner Linda Sudowski and Chef Chayla so while these kits look more commercial, they are hand crafted with love by your My Make Studio team! We can't wait to hear what you think!


Stay Creative!

July 26, 2022 — Linda Sudowski
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Fireworks in the air!

Fireworks in the air!

4th of July is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with cupcakes? Be sure to order your 4th of July Cupcake Kit now and don't forget we offer FREE SHIPPING!

This year our 4th of July cupcakes are explosive! Get it...because fireworks?! Ha! Follow along with Chef Ch-Ch-Chayla as she walks you through her video tutorial on YouTube for how to decorate your favorite 4th of July themed Cupcakes. She'll walk you through the American Flag, fireworks, Uncle Sam's Hat, a grill with hotdogs and fish, and several ways to create cute red, white and blue themes.

Decorate 6 cupcakes the Chef Chayla way and decorate 6 on your own. Be sure to share them with us no matter what you do - we love to see your creations! Join our Baker's Club once you've finished by uploading your photos. 

And as always...

Stay Creative!

June 20, 2022 — Linda Sudowski
Happy Pride Month!

Happy Pride Month!

Happy Pride month everyone! At My Make Studio we believe Love is Love and we do our part to support our friends, colleagues, neighbors, customers and everyone else in the LGBTQ+ community. Business aside, we are a small woman owned company and I am the lucky mother of 4 great kiddos. My son proudly joined the LGBTQ+ community in his teen years. While supportive and proud, it was difficult to see him struggle with his identity and where he fit in the world. As most mother's know, you just want your kiddos to be happy but you can't solve every struggle for them. We were so excited to learn about Rainbow Alley in our community where my son could go and hang out, take writing classes, cooking classes, and just play video games. He got to hang out with others in the LGBTQ+ community and it was a safe space for him to share and be supported. As a parent, I was so excited that he had a safe community to explore his questions and make new friends.

To spread the love that Rainbow Alley gave to my family for so long, we are donating 20% of every Rainbow Pinata Cake Kit to Rainbow Alley the entire month of June. This kit is great as a gift, to make for someone, to make for yourself, or to make with friends. The best part about this kit is that you can decorate it however you want! Let's see your creativity!

My Make Studio Pride Month


-Stay Creative

June 14, 2022 — Linda Sudowski
My Make Studio Bake Shop Cake Mix

My Make Studio Bake Shop Cake Mix

What do you look for in a good cake mix?

This is a question that we dove into this past year. We had the privilege of working with an amazing company in Indiana called New Hope Mills to help us develop and build our very own unique cake mix. You heard that right - you've never tried our cake mix before because it's brand new! We worked extremely hard to develop a vanilla cake mix that is fluffy but dense, that is moist but holds shape, that has flavor but doesn't taste artificial. We worked equally as hard to develop a chocolate cake mix that is velvety and rich but not overpowering. We coupled the mixes with our icing to ensure that the overall taste isn't too sweet either. We feel like we nailed it! Give it a try and let us know your thoughts!

Oh and yes, we listened to your feedback! We met with designers to create brand new packaging for our cake mix that includes easy to follow directions printed right on the box. No more using a QR code and going to the website for directions. Now you can look right on the box and get to baking!

May 17, 2022 — Linda Sudowski
My Make Studio Partners with Franki's by Francesca's!

My Make Studio Partners with Franki's by Francesca's!

It might not be a secret any longer that we have been working our behinds off to create a newer, fresher, more retail ready brand for My Make Studio. We couldn't be more excited to announce that we have had the honor of partnering with Franki's by Francesca's to go into their retail stores nationwide. Franki's is the newest tween brand hosted by sister store Francesca's and we couldn't be more in sync with their mission: Free to be U!

As a part of our launch into the new Franki's stores, Chef Chayla and I had the honor to fly out to Houston, Texas to host a cupcake decorating pop up at one of the shops. I'll let the photos do the talkin'.... 

Clearly no fun was had here!! Be sure to check us out nationwide as Franki's has begun popping up in popular malls. Don't have a location near to you yet? Check them out online! I know what my daughter will be wearing all summer long!

-Stay Creative-

April 27, 2022 — Linda Sudowski
Let's Get Creative with the Rainbow Piñata Cake Kit

Let's Get Creative with the Rainbow Piñata Cake Kit

In case you haven't noticed...we LOVE rainbow colored variations of cupcakes and cakes. This is one of the many reasons why our Rainbow Piñata Cake Kit is one of our very favorites. Join our very own Chef Chayla as she walks you through another way to decorate a fun cake with all of the contents inside of the Rainbow Piñata Cake Kit. Spoiler alert - it's an OMBRE cake tutorial! Enjoy this silly and fun video and as always...

-Stay Creative-

April 12, 2022 — Linda Sudowski
Whoooooopie Pies!

Whoooooopie Pies!

We love cupcakes. We love cakes. What's not to love?! But every once in a while we like to mix things up. Join Chef Chayla as she teaches you how to make Whoopie Pies with My Make Studio's cake mix.

Directions for making whoopie pies:

  1. Follow directions to mix your cake mix.
  2. Use a whoopie pie pan if possible. If you don't have one, use a cupcake pan.
  3. Grease your pan.
  4. With a whoopie pie pan, use 1/2 an ice cream scoop of cake mix in each slot. With a cupcake pan, also use 1/2 an ice cream scoop in each slot - they will seem very shallow.
  5. Bake! We recommend you set your oven to 325 degrees and bake for 6-12 minutes or until firm on top.
  6. Allow your whoopie pies to cool off and then pop them out of the pan.
  7. Spread icing on the bottom of one whoopie and attach the other on top like a sandwich.

We hope you have a blast baking whoopie pies with Chef Chayla and as always...

-Stay Creative-

April 04, 2022 — Linda Sudowski
The Secret is Out! Our Boxes Hit the Printer!

The Secret is Out! Our Boxes Hit the Printer!

The secret is out! We are launching bigger and better kits and they have officially hit the printer! Over the past several months we have worked our sprinkles off to design new packaging, develop branded cake mix, create new icing, and envision an overall newer and improved kit overall. Kits will now include silicone spatulas, all 4 of our favorite icing tips, disposable cupcake/cake pans, printed written directions, and of course all of the icings and candies to decorate like a pro.

Check out these amazing printers as they crank through our new boxes. Can you guess which kit is the favorite amongst the printing team?
Kits launch TBA so stay tuned!
-Stay Creative-

March 29, 2022 — Linda Sudowski
Meatballs...on Cupcakes?!

Meatballs...on Cupcakes?!

On top of spaghetti,
All covered with cheese,
I lost my poor meatball,
When somebody sneezed.
Anyone else sing that song as a kid? I think my mom sang it at least a million times. No joke. Spaghetti and meatballs is a classic dish in most homes (and a common song in some), but have you ever thought to make it for dessert? Well, we did of course! Join instructor Chef Chayla as she walks you through her favorite way to make SWEET meatballs for a cupcake! Yes, you heard that right: spaghetti & meatball cupcakes!
How does Chef Chayla do it you ask? There really are so many ways to create "meatballs" on cupcakes but Chef Chayla shares her absolute favorite way:
  1. Roll chocolate fondant into round balls. You can choose how big or small you want to roll them.
  2. Crumble chocolate sprinkles into an almost dust consistency.
  3. Dip your chocolate fondant meatballs into water.
  4. Roll your meatballs in the chocolate sprinkle dust.
  5. Place your meatballs on your cupcake as desired!

If you're wanting to learn how to make the Spaghetti & Meatball cupcake in full then check out our Foodie Cupcake Kit!

Do you have a different favorite way to create meatballs on your cupcakes? We would love to see your creations! Either tag us on social media using #mymakestudiokits or send them to Chef Chayla directly through our Baker's Certificate program. If Chef Chayla approves of your creations, she'll send you a certificate in the mail!

Don't forget, most importantly:

Stay Creative!

March 18, 2022 — Linda Sudowski
Celebrate the Luck of the Irish with Cupcakes

Celebrate the Luck of the Irish with Cupcakes

Happy St. Patrick's Day from the My Make Studio family!

Celebrate the Luck of the Irish this year by baking and decorating festive cupcakes. Create your own rainbow, sheep, pot o' gold, shamrock, leprechaun hat, and message cupcake by following along with our step by step instructions. Then you have 6 cupcakes left to decorate however you want! 

We would love to see the cupcakes you decorated to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! Did you share your cupcakes or keep them all for yourself? Did a naughty Leprechaun break in and steal any? Share with us using #mymakestudiokits or submit a photo of your creations.

-Stay Creative-

March 17, 2022 — Linda Sudowski
How to Make a Multi Colored Icing Bag

How to Make a Multi Colored Icing Bag

Chef Ch-Ch-Chayla is here to walk you through one of her very favorite decorating techniques of all time: How to Make a Multi Colored Icing Bag! This is a commonly asked question to us at My Make Studio and it's one of our favorite things to teach. You can follow along with Chayla's directions for making a rainbow icing bag or you can do as few as 2 colors. 

Using the 6 colors of the rainbow make for a beautiful rainbow colored bag so you can't go wrong with decorating this way. Other common multi colored bags include:

  • Red + Yellow + Orange = Fire colored bag. Use a Leaf tip to create flames!
  • Light Blue + Dark Blue + White = Ocean colored bag. Use a basket weave tip to create waves!
  • Green + Bright Green = Grass colored bag. Use a Grass tip to make a great lawn on your cupcake!
  • Hot Pink + Light Pink + White = Feathers colored bag. Use any combination of 2 shades + white to create feathers for a bird. Use a Leaf tip to create feathers!

Here are the step by step instructions for creating a Multi Colored Icing Bag:

  1. Choose 2-6 colors of icing.
  2. Lay a sheet of saran wrap out on a flat surface. 
  3. Pipe stripes of icing about 8 inches long in the center of your saran wrap. You want the stripes to be touching. They can be as thick or thin as you want.
  4. Continue piping stripes of icing out until you have about 6-10 inches of icing in width.
  5. Pick up one end of your saran wrap and roll it over to the other end so your icing looks like a stuffed sausage.
  6. Pick up the left and right sides of your saran wrap and twist them tight so your icing is now fully sealed on all sides.
  7. Put a coupler into an icing bag (optional). Cut the end off your rainbow sausage bag.
  8. Put your rainbow sausage bag into your icing bag and twist the outside closed so icing does not pop out the top.
  9. Pipe away! 

Enjoy your multi colored icing bag and share it with us using #MYMAKESTUDIOKITS

-Stay Creative-

March 01, 2022 — Linda Sudowski
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How to Scoop the Perfect Cupcake

How to Scoop the Perfect Cupcake

Ever wondered how to get the perfect sized cupcake? Watch Chef Ch-Ch-Ch-Chayla as she walks you through the perfect scooping mechanism around: the ice cream scoop! It really is that simple!

-Stay Creative-

February 22, 2022 — Linda Sudowski