My Make Studio is CLOSING Permanently

My Make Studio is CLOSING Permanently

After 8 years of incredible memories, classes, birthday celebrations, summer camps, and gingerbread house decorating, we have decided to close our doors permanently.

In 2019 as our lease came to an end, we made the bold decision to move to a newer, larger space. We forfeited our 2019 holiday season to move to Edgewater, Colorado in hope to grow and expand. Our beautiful space opened January 6, 2020 only to close it's doors just weeks later due to COVID 19.

As a small business, it was already impactful to lose one holiday season. But then to lose almost an entire year after that was just more than we could manage. We pivoted with purpose as we designed our kits to be shipped nationwide. We broke out of our in person store mold, got creative, and hit the UPS store with ambition and a new dream. We quickly learned that we were not the only ones greatly impacted by COVID 19 (obviously). Vendors we worked with were struggling to keep materials and staff as a result of the global devastation. Factories that made some of our products were shut down for so long that they faced great delays and damages once the machines were turned back on. One of our vendors even suffered a factory fire as a result of the equipment malfunctions. Still we persisted and we fought. We held on through the holiday season one final time before making the devastating decision to close.

These past 8 1/2 years have been some of the best in my life. I became a business owner, wife, mother (many times over) and boss. I pushed myself to limits I didn't know were possible. I learned countless lessons about life, mentorship, business and community.

There aren't words to describe the relationship I have built with my staff. To the incredible Chef Chayla - You are one of the most talented, creative, loyal, hardworking, passionate people I know. I'm so honored to be your friend. I will be your #1 cheerleader wherever life takes you next.

To the families who spent time with us, joined us for classes, hosted parties, sent your kids to camp...I am so grateful. I enjoyed every minute of it. I truly mean that.

We will continue selling kits through mid January so get your kit while supplies last. We will also be selling "Mystery Boxes" that we'll fill with cake mix, icing tips, icings, fondants at random so get yourself some sweetness.

Of all the lessons learned from My Make Studio I hope you never forget...

Stay Creative

January 02, 2023 — Linda Sudowski