My Make Studio Enters Spooky Season in Style

My Make Studio Enters Spooky Season in Style

At My Make Studio we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for all of our favorite holidays. Halloween is no exception. In fact, we have more Halloween themed kits than any other holiday or theme. It's definitely no secret that Spooky Season is Chef Ch-Ch-Chayla's favorite of all. To celebrate in style we are bringing you all of our favorites in cupcake AND cake form. Want us to design something different? Let us know! We love getting creative with folks and we are always hitting the drawing board when it comes to creating new kits.

Here's the lineup for Halloween celebrations this year:

Don't forget to share your spooky creations with Chef Ch-Ch-Chayla so she can feature you on our social media and send you a baker's certificate. She might even ship you a special gift too!
My Make Studio Halloween kits are the perfect activity to do on your own, decorate with friends, decorate with kiddos, take to a party, bring to school, or do whatever you want with them!
On behalf of the entire My Make Studio team we hope you have a fun and safe Halloween season and as always...
-Stay Creative!
October 06, 2022 — Linda Sudowski
Fall in Love with Our Birch Tree Cake Kit

Fall in Love with Our Birch Tree Cake Kit

When I think of fall I think of all things pumpkin, leaves changing, scarves and BIRCH TREES! My Make Studio is based in Colorado and we're a small mom business (ha!). Driving up to the mountains and seeing the fall foliage is one of our favorite times of the year. The Aspen trees are just stunning as well as the changing leaves preparing for winter. So many weddings are hosted this time of year in Colorado and decorating a cake like a Birch Tree became a pretty popular trend in the mountains. As Chef Chayla and I design cakes we always try to incorporate our lives, our home, and things we love so it felt so appropriate to design a Birch Tree Cake Kit. This cake kit is really special because you can customize it however you want. Put the flowers in different spots, write something different or nothing at all, create your own designs with the red fondant. 

Chef Chayla had just gotten engaged when we designed this cake together so naturally we wrote "C + T" on the side of the cake for Chef Chayla and her fiance Travis. What will you make this cake for? A birthday? Anniversary? Wedding? Or just because? It's a great cake for all occasions! You can follow along on our YouTube video or decorate on your own. Don't forget to share your photos by uploading them for us to see on the Chef Chayla page. We'll even ship you a Baker's Certificate! 

While you decorate, don't forget...

Stay Creative!

September 07, 2022 — Linda Sudowski