What do you look for in a good cake mix?

This is a question that we dove into this past year. We had the privilege of working with an amazing company in Indiana called New Hope Mills to help us develop and build our very own unique cake mix. You heard that right - you've never tried our cake mix before because it's brand new! We worked extremely hard to develop a vanilla cake mix that is fluffy but dense, that is moist but holds shape, that has flavor but doesn't taste artificial. We worked equally as hard to develop a chocolate cake mix that is velvety and rich but not overpowering. We coupled the mixes with our icing to ensure that the overall taste isn't too sweet either. We feel like we nailed it! Give it a try and let us know your thoughts!

Oh and yes, we listened to your feedback! We met with designers to create brand new packaging for our cake mix that includes easy to follow directions printed right on the box. No more using a QR code and going to the website for directions. Now you can look right on the box and get to baking!

May 17, 2022 — Linda Sudowski