Animals are among our favorite cupcakes to create each year. Chayla and I sat down and thought of all of our favorite animal cupcakes we've created over time. Believe me, there are a lot of animals! This year we have narrowed our animals down to 6 little cuties. Of course we have to take into account techniques, colors, materials, and variety. We ultimately decided on our Penguin, Monster, Ladybug, Sheep, Cow and Dog. The Animal Cupcake Kit is now live on our website so you can order that puppy (get the animal reference?) up or come on in and decorate it with us. Chayla will of course be teaching an Animal Cupcake Decorating Class as well if you want step by step instructions from the creative genius herself. We hope you enjoy these lil' critters as much as we do.
August 11, 2021 — Linda Sudowski