Ever wondered why Chef Chayla incorporates Love Bug cupcakes into some of her favorite kits? Find out why during this cute tutorial and learn a few tricks along the way on how to customize your very own Love Bug Cupcake. Use candy eyes, icing for eyes, or sixlets for eyes and a variety of icing tips to create different "hair" textures and color combinations so your Love Bug is just right for you or for your special someone this Valentine's Day!

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Scroll down to read different options for decorating Love Bugs.

-Say Creative-

Hair Options: You can use the grass tip or the star tip to create "bloops" of hair all over your cupcake. You can use 1-3 colors depending on how you want your Love Bug to look. You can also alternate between the star and grass tip if you want your Love Bug to have crazy hair. When using the Grass Tip you could also squeeze longer "bloops" out to have longer hair.

Eye Options: Candy eyes are of course an easy and obvious option here. You can also use white sixlets and tiny dots of black icing to create larger eyes. You can place the eyes close together or further apart on the cupcake.

Antennae's: We create our antennae's out of fondant and toothpicks and make little hearts. You could use any type of fun candies in place of fondant. We have seen gum drops and gummy hearts as examples. If using fondant you can make them as big or as little as desired. 

February 11, 2022 — Linda Sudowski