Linda grew up watching her mom and grandma bake and decorate beautiful wedding cakes. She admired their edible art form but was never allowed to play with their materials or tools. You see, cake decorating is quite expensive. There are so many tools required to create different designs and they typically have to be purchased from specialty baking stores. Experimenting with new flavors and colors can be tricky as well because you can easily destroy an entire batch of cake mix or icings. Cake decorating is truly an art form that is not very accessible to many people. Nonetheless, Linda loved watching her mom and grandma decorate.

As Linda grew older she went off to college at the University of Georgia. She decided to go into the obvious work. You didn't see that coming, did you? When reflecting on her life, Linda realized that her true passion was working with people. In order to fundraiser for various programs she enjoyed supporting, Linda often sold cupcakes on her college campus. It wasn't uncommon to see her walking around campus with dozens of silly decorated cupcakes. For the first time in her life, Linda was experiencing first hand the joys of cupcake and cake decorating.

In 2014 Linda met her husband, Jay, in Colorado where she had attended graduate school at University of Denver. Jay had two sons who were adopted from foster care: Simon and Adrian. It became increasingly clear that Linda couldn't continue a day job in social work and still be able to provide the level of therapeutic needs that her new sons deserved. Returning to her roots, Linda opened My Make Studio March 1, 2015 with the help of her husband and grandfather. 

My Make Studio began as a simple decorate yourself cupcake and cake studio in South Denver. The studio could hold 24 customers who would come in, choose their flavors, and enjoy a buffet style of decorating tools and materials. Linda had over a dozen icing colors, a dozen fondant colors, 30+ candies and 100's of tools. Summer camps and Gingerbread Houses were a quick addition to the seasonal offerings. In 2016 Linda went on maternity leave with her first daughter, Ellie. Chayla was hired on at My Make Studio at this time and life would never be the same. Chayla provided a whole new energy to Linda's passion and desperately wanted to teach classes.

Chayla's classes were creative and silly and great for all ages and skill levels. She has a true talent for teaching people how to decorate. 2019 was a big year for Linda and Chayla as Linda had her second daughter, Sophie, and made the bold move to expand My Make Studio. January 6, 2020 the newest and greatest My Make Studio opened inside of the Edgewater Public Market. Linda's new space could hold 60 customers at a time and was surrounded by local food and shopping vendors that she could create a community with. Customers were thrilled to have more seats and an amazing market to explore after their cupcake decorating activity. As you all know though, 2020 quickly became one of the most difficult years Linda could ever imagine.

The doors to My Make Studio closed in March of 2020 due to the COVI19 virus. Devastated was an understatement for Linda and Chayla. They could feel their studio slipping out of their hands when a friend asked if they could create a kit that encompassed one of their classes so they could decorate from the safety of their home. Linda and Chayla were excited to have a project to work on so they moved quickly. By April of 2020 they launched My Make Studio Kits for curbside pick up in Denver. Customers were thrilled to have a piece of My Make Studio at home and wanted to know if they could ship the kits to family and friends around the country who were in quarantine. By May of 2020 Linda and Chayla were shipping kits nationwide. This opened a whole new world for My Make Studio filled with new energy and creativity. 

Today, Linda and Chayla have the best of both worlds. While COVID 19 is not behind us, My Make Studio is safely seating customers as they decorate their kit from their table. The original buffet style is no more but customers are thrilled with the variety of kits to choose from. Kits are constantly evolving and Linda and Chayla enjoy every minute of designing new ones. My Make Studio continues to be a beloved business by the community and in 2021 was even voted Best Dessert and Best Bakery by 5280 Magazine.

Linda will forever be grateful for every step in her journey. Most of all, she is grateful for her family: Her mom and grandma who inspired her by their artistic talents. Her grandfather who immigrated from Cuba and built a strong foundation in America that allowed him to invest in Linda's dream. Her husband who has spent countless nights helping with dishes and acting as "technical support". Her father who always provides insightful business advice. Her brothers who have undoubtedly cleaned dishes and worked summer camps. Her four amazing children: Simon, Adrian, Ellie and Sophie who unconditionally support their mother working long hours for her dream. And of course Chayla for being the greatest team member Linda could have ever hoped for.

September 05, 2021 — Linda Sudowski