If your family is anything like the My Make Studio family, then you know Thanksgiving is all about FOOD. In our family, Thanksgiving is a time to come together by sharing stories from the year, watching great movies, playing fun games, and getting competitive in the kitchen. You see, I am the oldest of three kids. My younger brother and I are extremely competitive, especially in the kitchen. To take things to the next level: my mom, Uncle and Grandmother all went to cooking school. While we love cooking all of the Thanksgiving classics, our true favorite always comes down to desserts. Who gets crazy with pumpkin? Who sticks to the classic apple pie? Who combines flavors and textures into something completely new? It's always fun to see what creative concoctions my family comes up with.

After years of healthy family competition in the kitchen, I took the cake (get it??) a few years ago when I showed up to Thanksgiving with My Make Studio's Thanksgiving Feast Cupcake Kit. My entire family couldn't stop giggling over every cupcake. Whether you're a sweet or savory fan, there's something for everyone in this kit. Of course at My Make Studio we make it really easy for you to succeed with our kits as well. We include the cupcake mix, the cupcake liners, the cupcake pan, the icing tips, icings, candies and a booklet for you to follow along with. We even have a YouTube video for you to watch. So, if you're joining family or friends this Thanksgiving, be sure to show up with the most creative and delicious dish out there. But of course, don't just pick one dish, bring the entire feast!

On behalf of the entire My Make Studio family, we hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and as always..
Stay Creative!