Happy Pride month everyone! At My Make Studio we believe Love is Love and we do our part to support our friends, colleagues, neighbors, customers and everyone else in the LGBTQ+ community. Business aside, we are a small woman owned company and I am the lucky mother of 4 great kiddos. My son proudly joined the LGBTQ+ community in his teen years. While supportive and proud, it was difficult to see him struggle with his identity and where he fit in the world. As most mother's know, you just want your kiddos to be happy but you can't solve every struggle for them. We were so excited to learn about Rainbow Alley in our community where my son could go and hang out, take writing classes, cooking classes, and just play video games. He got to hang out with others in the LGBTQ+ community and it was a safe space for him to share and be supported. As a parent, I was so excited that he had a safe community to explore his questions and make new friends.

To spread the love that Rainbow Alley gave to my family for so long, we are donating 20% of every Rainbow Pinata Cake Kit to Rainbow Alley the entire month of June. This kit is great as a gift, to make for someone, to make for yourself, or to make with friends. The best part about this kit is that you can decorate it however you want! Let's see your creativity!

My Make Studio Pride Month


-Stay Creative

June 14, 2022 — Linda Sudowski