Happy Friday!

My daughter Ellie is 5 years old and is in kindergarten. She often tells her friends at school how fun it is that her mom is always decorating cupcakes and cakes for photo shoots and decorating tutorials. This week I decorated 4 of our new upcoming kits: Animal Cupcake Kit, Princess Cupcake Kit, Under the Sea Cupcake Kit, and Monster Squad Cupcake Kit. Ellie couldn't even believe it when she heard that I was sending all of the cupcakes to her classroom as a Friday surprise this morning since I finished up with my photos! The emotions were real.


Ellie has 24 kids in her class so I sent her with 24 cupcakes. Being the sweet, tender hearted girl that she is, she didn't want kids fighting over the cool designs. We sat down together with a list of all of the kids in her class and chose which cupcake they should have and why.

I couldn't believe how well Ellie knew every single kid in her class. These aren't just classmates, these are her friends. At 5 years old kiddos have such a beautiful way of getting along with each other and creating meaningful relationships. Ellie enjoyed sharing stories with me about her friends and why they were getting their chosen cupcake. "Rita gets the magical wand cupcake from the Princess Kit because she loves Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother. Pierce gets the beach cupcake from the Under the Sea Kit because he goes to the beach every weekend with his family. Kennedy gets the dog cupcake from the Animal Kit because she has a big yellow doggy at home..." She went on and on.

Typically Ellie and I spend special time in the kitchen together baking and decorating but this was a different experience for us. We bonded over the cupcakes and their designs and what they can represent in her life.

I sent proud Ellie off to school with the tray while me and little sister, Sophie, anxiously await her arrival home this afternoon. Check out Sophie in the window saying "bye cupcakes!!"

-Stay Creative-


February 18, 2022 — Linda Sudowski